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Anodizing Service

Anodizing Service


We can anodize our titanium jewelry in the following colours (more colours available on request if there is something specific you are looking for – we have around 30!).  Please note that the colour chart is close, but may not be exact depending on the colour rendition on your screen. 

Caring for anodized jewelry:

Anodized jewelry is durable but can fade over time and may fade quicker if being rubbed.  Swimming in a chlorine pool can cause the colour to fade and chemicals in hairspray, makeup remover and perfumes can also cause fading.  Jewelry can be cleaned with a mild soap, dried with a soft cloth and when not wearing jewelry, it is recommended to put in a plastic bag with paper towel to keep dry and clean.  With proper care, your anodized jewelry should last a lifetime!

 After ordering, please email to let us know which items to anodize.

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