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In 2019, Canasteel was born from a passion for designing jewelry and a desire to bring a high-quality affordable product line to the market. With 27 years of experience in the body piercing industry as both a piercer and an educator, I wanted to ensure that the next generation of piercers would have the best possible tools to be successful. Innovation, quality, and safety are our top priorities.


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Our manufacturing facility, located in Edmonton, Alberta, uses the latest technology to provide precision machining that produces consistent results and the highest quality jewelry possible. Each piece we create is crafted from certified implant grade titanium that is sourced in North America. Every item is inspected by our quality control team to ensure you receive a product that you can take pride in delivering to your customers. In addition to creating our own designs, we work closely with you to create innovative custom designs.


Our dedicated team includes a chemist, development and design expert, head polisher, CNC technician, quality control inspector, social media liaison, sales and customer service, and the support staff to ensure that we can continue to meet your needs as we grow. Every team member has a valuable role in bringing you the products you want. By providing ongoing training and development opportunities, we support each individual in reaching their full potential.

At Canasteel Body Jewelry, giving back to the community is important to us. We are proud to support a variety of local and international charities.



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The Canasteel Team
Photo by Marina Christine Photography