Daria - ПАЗУРІ

I started my 'full transition to high-end' journey with Canasteel jewelry, and I was incredibly surprised with the quality of products and service! Premium quality jewelry from Canasteel is a real pleasure to work with. And these guys also go to great lengths to make our collaboration experience pleasant and easy. I am very grateful to these folks for their efforts in shipping and service. Special shout-out to Lara and Andrea! Your efforts and feedback are incredible!

Kayla - Cryptid Studio

Canasteel's designs have their own unique flair and clients are really drawn to the sparkle!

Alessandro - Broken Heart Tattoo Studio

Amazing navel bars. I love how they are made, the curve is perfect for the anatomy and the healing is super.

Deanna Hostland - Coven Body Arts

My staff and I all love the jewelry and our clients can't get enough of the new Galaxy line!


Hi, I am Leanne co-owner of TANTRIX BODY ART and Cataclysm Studio, I believe in supporting Canadian businesses and was thrilled that Canasteel offers beautiful quality threadless tops and posts with fast turn around and are APP compliant.


Since we started using Canasteel for our clients, we have found that the opal cabs are amazing for children (who all seem to love the multi lavender opal), the pins are sturdy, the discs and beads anodize beautifully and the prong set stones catch the light spectacularly. We've only made a few orders so far, but I see many many more to come.

Deanna Hostland - Coven Body Art

I started using Canasteel’s jewelry last year after opening Coven and was instantly impressed by the quality and the amazing customer service they provided.

Katie Gosse

By using a gem trinity and the Galaxy line’s “Sirius”, I was able to give my client an absolutely stunning and sparkly setup!

Pontiac Piercer

Every piece I've ordered has had an amazing polish and craftsmanship.  My clients have also been loving the Canasteel brand!


Hi, I'm Mat, Jr piercer at Dragon FX. I've been using Canasteel for almost 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier! Beautiful quality jewelry, fast jewelry turn around, and very friendly and knowledgeable staff! 10/10 would recommend!

MJR Piercing

I was very excited about a range like this, especially coming from my home in Canada!!

I had the chance to work with your products during a piercing event in which I was encouraged to participate, then it was a big crush!

The shine, the colors, the quality and in addition so many new products on a regular basis... Canasteel has conquered my heart and it is an immense joy to encourage a product from us.

Hollia - Mystic Unity

I am thrilled to share my experience with Canasteel jewelry. Not only does Canasteel offer exceptional quality at an affordable price point for my clients, but their designs are a dream to work with. The feedback from my clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Recently, after fitting a special ordered Canasteel vertical labret, a client reached out with this glowing message: 'This jewelry is truly incredible! It feels incredibly secure compared to the standard ball jewelry. The array of colours available was so extensive that it took me a week to make a decision! And the end result is simply stunning. 😍' Canasteel has truly exceeded my expectations and continues to delight both me and my clients with their impressive jewelry offerings.

Amy - Curated Piercing

Canasteel jewellery is absolutely outstanding quality. I also like they are timeless designs making them perfect for all tastes and a cabinet must. The team are incredibly helpful and they are a fantastic supplier to work with.